sexual (in)equality

the more i have sex, the more i realize women are unequal in the bedroom. this post will probably get me in trouble, so it comes with a disclaimer. i don’t believe most of what i’m writing but, as a woman, i think it’s easy to feel like we need to meet expectations in order “keep a man around.” whether it’s the entertainment industry, the books we read, or the stories we hear, women are often left behind once things become too ordinary.

i’ve only come across one man in my life who wanted to fuck me in the ass, cum on my face, bite me, scratch me, shove their cock down my throat so hard and deep my eyes water and i choke, have a threesome with another girl and call me a dirty whore WHO WAS ALSO okay with me fucking him in the ass, having a threesome with another guy, biting him so hard he bleeds and doing everything he wants to do to me back at him. i realize not everything in life has to be equal, but if i can’t be equal in the streets at least give me the privilege in the sheets?

i’m not going to sit here and say i don’t enjoy anal, because i do – when i have it. i say “when” because it’s traditionally not something i tend to suggest, and it takes a lot of time and effort (on both our parts) to perform effectively. i do hope that anal becomes easier the more i do it, but i don’t think you’ll ever be able to hop into bed with me and have your dick in my ass two minutes later- no matter how ‘experienced’ i am with the act. there’s a lot of girls out there who hate it or never have had it because 1) it’s kind of gross and can be embarassing, and 2) sometimes it fucking hurts. the first time i tried anal was with a guy who didn’t mind having something shoved up his own ass. it made me feel more empowered somehow – if he can do it, so can i. if i do it, he won’t think less of me because hey…he did it, too. to everyone else: how about the next time you want to shove your big cock up my ass i shove a dildo of comparable size up yours so you can see what it’s like? hmmm?

i’m sure i’d be a lot more receptive to a two-girl threesome if i was able to have one with two guys. why not trade off? one time you can have two girls and the next time i can have two guys? compromise a little. just like you want to have some random chick sucking your cock while i ride your face, doesn’t mean i don’t want your cock in my pussy and another guy in my mouth. why can’t i have that? oh yeah, because you’re a man and you’re too afraid of being in the same room as another exposed cock, so having one in the same woman you’re fucking is out of the question. yet, you want me to welcome another girl in bed with us with open arms and a smiling face. i’ve decided if i ever do have a threesome, it’ll be with a guy i’m falling OUT of love with, for a few reasons. 1) i’m not at the stage in my life where i can have emotionally detached sex with strangers, 2) i can’t imagine ever being secure enough to watch a guy i like/love having sex with someone else right in front of me, and 3) it’ll probably help me get over him more quickly.

as much as i enjoy porn, i can’t bring myself to go to a strip club. none of my boyfriends/partners/guy friends/girl friends/anyone has ever even hinted they’d like me to accompany them to a strip club. except for one. and i always found it curious. why would you want to take a girl whose insecure about her body (note: i’m probably not any more or less insecure than a normal young woman) to watch a bunch of girls with hotter bodies who are making a lot more money than her for no reason beyond simply being ordinary whores? i can only imagine coming home from a strip club, realizing i am an ugly, fat piece of shit who makes shit money, crying a whole bunch and possibly drinking myself to sleep. that’s the order of events in my mind. i wonder how that guy would have felt if i would have said, “hey let’s go check out a bunch of hot guys with six packs and big, fat cocks because tonight i feel like having a nice, big cock shoved in my face. don’t you?”

i’m all for video taping sex. i like it, i enjoy it, i get off on watching the videos later. it’s a win-win for me. the interesting thing here is how many guys don’t want their faces in the videos. it’s understandable, but then don’t get mad at a girl when she requests the same. personally, i don’t care about positioning the camera so my face isn’t visible. just fuck me (and fuck me well) and get it on tape. that’s all. besides, girls obviously trust anyone they’re making videos with to NOT put it on the internet, so why not extend the same level of trust back to them?

i’ll admit it- i fucking hate shaving my legs. it’s annoying, it just grows back eventually. it’s pointless unless i’m getting fucked frequently, or am wearing a dress. any person who complains about some second (or third, or fourth) day stubble can suck it. what does a guy have to do when it comes to hygiene? maybe trim their pubes, brush their teeth and put on some deodorant. IF THAT. what do we have to do? shave so many fucking parts of our bodies, pluck, wax, exfoliate, condition, do our hair, put on makeup, dress nice, smell nice, look nice, be nice…sometimes i tell myself the next guy i date will be a weird hippie who smells like shit and thinks chicks with pit hair are hot, but i’m not sure if i could handle their stench.

basically, what i’m getting at is if you’re going to want something from me in the bedroom, be open minded enough to at least consider the possibility of doing the same for me. it’s called equality, bitches!

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13 thoughts on “sexual (in)equality

  1. lexborgia says:

    Your best post to date. Raw, wicked, highly entertaining and very well written. I’ll reblog it for you on the weekend, probably Sunday (the naughtiest day on the planet). Smooch.

  2. lexborgia says:

    Reblogged this on nerd on the bridge and commented:
    Warning: contains sexually graphic language.

    Is it a breach of etiquette when women speak openly of their sexual desires and disappointments? This woman, like countless others left peeved, high and dry by male selfishness does not care about your sensibilities. This is a rant of the first degree, a multi-layered catharsis of truth; angry, thoughtful, dirty, raunchy and hard hitting. Men, pull up a chair, class is in session.

  3. Kukogho Iruesiri Samson says:


  4. lexborgia says:

    Had to read this again, it’s so wicked, pure dynamite. “just fuck me (and fuck me well).”- Straight up devilishly delicious.

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